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Help us provide back to school supplies to 50 children!

About this Campaign

CHS Detroit has a goal to assist in providing 50 children with school supplies and backpacks that are facing financial hardships within our area.

Going back to school can be a hard time for children, especially those that are facing impoverished situations. Let's make their transition back to school easier by assisting them with needed school supplies!

With your help, we are hoping to provide assistance to 50 children in our area that would otherwise not be going back to school with the supplies they need to enjoy their learning experience.

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A $5 donation could cover some pens and pencils

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A $10 donation could cover the $5 tier + crayons and markers

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A $20 donation could cover a child's backpack

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A $60 donation could sponsor 1 child's school supplies needs for Fall 2019

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Any donation, however large or small, will make a difference in someone's life today.

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