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January is a bitter month here in Detroit. Every year, we partake in what is called a Point in Time (PIT) Count in hopes of locating and understanding where our most vulnerable individuals and families that are experiencing homelessness are and what services and resources are necessary to ensure they get the help that they need. Our teams engage with individual(s); document their name(s) and other demographic information; provide them with food, hygiene kits, sleeping bags, hats, scarves, and gloves; and offer transportation to an emergency shelter. The purpose of the PIT Count is to not only assist homeless people that night, but also to assist with measuring community progress and provide the community with a better understanding of who is homeless and what their needs are so, as a community we can better advocate for the resources necessary to meet those needs.

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Did you know that under certain conditions frostbite can occur in just 30 minutes? This could be the time spent waiting in line for the homeless populations we work with, let alone those that are sleeping outdoors and unsheltered. In a BBC Documentary on homelessness, it is mentioned that those experiencing homelessness in Detroit have a higher risk of dying on the streets than anywhere else in the United States.

As the PIT Count is coming closer, we are in need of help to help others. This campaign will assist us with making sure those we run into during the night of the PIT Count are taken care of from providing them with a food voucher, to transportation to shelter or even a warm pair of socks and a coat to help get them through the night...these funds will be used to help build a trusting relationship with people experiencing street homelessness to help them engage in services and housing in hopes of this being the last January that they have to brace the elements and risk their lives.

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