Who We Are

Our Mission

We believe that we’re all better off in a society where everyone can meet their basic needs. Therefore it’s our responsibility to do something, however small, about the problems we see in the world, however large. That’s why we created HandUp - to leverage technology and the power of human relationships to fight urban poverty.

New solutions to poverty are within our reach.

Our Values

We’re committed to serving the community. Our technology is of the people, by the people, for the people.
We believe in the power of human relationships and cultivate them in our work.
We take a lean approach to our product, design, and team culture. This translates into how we address poverty -- by focusing on the basics.
We build trust by operating with transparency and representing our community in a dignified light.
In a world that’s always evolving, our work is never done. Change is our constant.
Even in the face of challenges and hardship we celebrate the wins.

What We Do

Our charitable giving platform provides donors with a new, simple and direct way to impact the lives of their homeless neighbors and other low-income locals. HandUp connects these populations to case workers at some of the most well-respected social service organizations in the nation for further assistance. With resources and words of support, our community of donors also strengthen safety nets that our members can call upon in times of need.

How It Started

The idea for HandUp started as a simple side project in early 2013 because we wanted to do something about homelessness that’s so visible on the streets of San Francisco. With the support and encouragement of Tumml, Project Homeless Connect, and so many others we turned this small side-project into a full-fledged company. Over the next year, HandUp attracted funding from some of Silicon Valley’s most experienced investors and we started the journey of expanding our community of giving across the country.

Going Forward

As we expand, we’ll continue connecting the abundance of resources and support in our society with the capabilities of existing social service non-profit and government organizations. At HandUp, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential. Interested in becoming a partner? Join us!

Our Team

Rose Broome
Co-founder & CEO

Rose is passionate about using the power of technology to create social change. She came up with HandUp after passing a woman sleeping on the street in the winter of 2012 and wanting to see a new way to give. Previously, Rose served as COO at SuperBetter Labs and as a data manager for Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign. Rose loves organizing the community and has been active in groups like Science Hack Day and Food Not Bombs. In 2014, Rose and her HandUp co-founder Zac Witte were named in the Top People in Tech by Business Insider
Zac Witte
Co-founder & CTO

Zac is Co-founder and CTO of HandUp. Previously he was with PubNub, a cloud infrastructure company, where he join as the first employee and helped grow the engineering team. He also worked with health tech company Castlight Health and hedge fund PEAK6. Zac loves to get involved in the local community and has participated in several Grey Area Foundation for the Arts hackathons and also mentors with Hackbright Academy, a code academy for women. He is especially passionate about using technology to solve age-old human problems in beautifully simple ways that scale.
Sammie Rayner
Co-founder - Partnerships & Strategy

Sammie leads business development and partnerships for HandUp - both on the corporate giving and nonprofit side of things - as well as company operations. Before joining HandUp, Sammie founded and served as Executive Director for Lumana, a microfinance organization in West Africa. Sammie is passionate about market-based solutions to poverty and excited to bring her experience internationally to tackle urban poverty in the U.S.
Meghan Murphy
Marketing & Community

Meghan drives HandUp’s marketing and community efforts. She is focused on raising awareness of HandUp’s mission, growing and engaging our donor community, and corporate partners. Prior to HandUp, Meghan led Community Marketing at cloud communications company Twilio and built Twilio.org, a social good program for nonprofits working with communications technologies. In a previously life, she managed media relations in consumer tech and the video games industry. When not working on technology for good initiatives, Meghan is most likely working on her bike fashion apparel line.
Katrina Belda
Community & Support

Katrina leads Community Support at HandUp to ensure the platform remains an effortless experience for our partners, donors, and members. Previously, she worked at Postmates as a very early Customer Support/Operations member helping manage and scale the team to 60+ members. Before this, she did support and product marketing at LiveCareer - a resume building site for unemployed people and job seekers of all stages. While at LiveCareer, Katrina lead support trainings in the Philippines where she also dedicated time to building housing for impoverished local communities. Katrina has a BS in Entrepreneurship and Innovation with a minor in Sociology from USF. As a member of the community, Katrina helps organize the annual Haight St. Music and Merchants festival to help improve, build, and give-back to the Haight St. community.






Jason Calacanis (LAUNCH Fund)

Boris Wertz (Version One Ventures)

Arjun Banker

Michael Birch

Ron Conway

Eric Ries

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Marc Benioff

Scott Wainner

Cyan & Scott Banister

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Coalition on Homelessness


Netroots Foundation

San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation

San Francisco Mayor’s Office of HOPE

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And thousands of amazing donors like you!

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