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Nonprofit human services organizations partner with HandUp to raise money online. These organizations can fundraise for things like special programs, client needs, and program or operational expenses.

•HandUp Member Story•

Lesley: Starting Over

How HandUp helped Lesley get back on her feet

Lesley lived by an overpass in San Francsico when she was first pregnant, after a violent assault forced her into homelessness.

Lesley met with social workers at Project Homeless Connect. Together, they set up a fundraising profile on HandUp, which has helped her with housing and employment expenses.

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Find more ways to help both online and in your community on our Get Involved page.

What You Need to Know About HandUp

What are HandUp Campaigns?

There are two types of fundraisers you will see on HandUp: member profiles and organization campaigns.

For member profiles, members learn about and sign up for HandUp through our partner organizations. In most cases, partners have existing relationships with our members and can help them set fundraising goals that will have the most direct impact in their lives. Any money raised on a member profile will benefit that member specifically.

Organization campaigns are created by our partners to fundraise for the needs of many clients at once. Partners can raise money for special programs, a particularly vulnerable group of clients (for example, children or clients who cannot use member profiles), or even to cover the cost of their operating expenses.

Screenshots of HandUp Campaigns

Compass Family Services' successful HandUp Campaign

How does HandUp choose its nonprofit partners?

Any 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to help those experiencing poverty is eligible to be a HandUp partner. HandUp offers these organizations a free, simple, and innovative way to raise money for and provide resources to their clients.

Interested organizations can learn more about partnership here.

HandUp stickers

HandUp Individual Member cards at a recent charity event

How do individual members receive donations?

When you donate to an individual member, your donation is transferred to the partner organization that helped the member sign up. The member is notified via text message, email notification, or when they visit their case manager, depending on their preferences and access. The member then works with the partner organization's staff to redeem their donations for specific items or services they need. For example, a case manager might help the member order a pair of winter boots through and have them shipped to the organization's office. They might also work together to pay phone bills online or to send a check for a housing deposit.

How much should I donate?

Every donation, small and large, makes a difference. From the $5 donation that helps a member get a satisfying lunch, to the $25,000 large donation that helps an organization pay for move-in expenses for several clients, each and every donation through HandUp can change lives.

Sometimes helpful gifts don't have a monetary value - you can easily brighten someone's day and give them an extra boost of encouragement just by sending them a few Words of Support.

How do I know if my donation helped?

When donations are used, you will get a thank you note with details on how your donation was used and how it helped. You can also visit the member profile or campaign page to see the latest updates and impact metrics.

How can I get HandUp in my area?

HandUp is always looking for partners in new communities and would love to know which organizations our donors are interested in us working with. Let us know where we should go next by contacting us.

A Member update

An update from Lynn, Alexis, and their family

The first day we moved into our apartment I felt this sense of responsibility - I've never had this and I want to keep this.

After homelessness and discrimination, Jeffrey & Giselle are rebuilding their lives together

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