How does HandUp help?


Engage your clients with financial empowerment.


Appeal to a new network of donors with transparent, direct giving.


Tap into crowdfunding from your local community.


Help your clients reach their goals and build a safety net.

How it works, step-by-step.

  1. Create profiles for your clients and post their specific needs
  2. Promote your clients' profiles through newsletters, social media, and other marketing efforts
  3. Receive 100% of funds donated through HandUp is free!
  4. Purchase items or services on behalf of your client (using only the fulfilment options that work for your organization)
  5. Share your clients' success stories with donors simply through our site

Partner Spotlight

In our six month pilot with Project Homeless Connect, their Every Day Connect program raised over $50,000 in new donations, supporting more than 100 clients.

Engagement is the key to ending homelessness. Thank you HandUp for believing things can change and providing us with a new tool for this change.

Kara Zordel
Executive Director, Project Homeless Connect

As a Social Worker, I have not experienced a more effective tool thus far than HandUp. The ability of the HandUp platform to provide immediate resources and abate resource needs is phenomenal. I have personally witnessed lives being stabilized via the HandUp platform.

Victor Nelson
Resource Specialist, Project Homeless Connect

Interested in partnering with HandUp? Email us at and let’s talk!