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Help us raise $22,000 for Homeless & Hurting Veterans

About this Campaign

The purpose of this campaign is to help end veteran homelessness and reduce veteran suicides. We explore new ways of instilling knowledge, empowerment and engagement to Veterans in need. We not only work directly with Veterans but also with military connected families, friends, those in active duty.

We seek out homeless veterans in the community, get them connected to vital services, employment or volunteer opportunities, and get them engaged in activities to give their life meaning and purpose in hopes of steering them away from self harm and suicide.

Help us raise $22,000! What will we do with the money?

  • provide transitional housing & rental assistance to Veteran's and their families
  • support & coordinate care for 22 formally homeless Veteran households for 6 months.
  • fund various informational forums and events to engage our vets
  • support coordination of volunteer opportunities to give purpose in lives of veterans and steer them away from suicide.  

We need your help (financially, physically and spiritually) to go forward with purpose - to make a difference in a transitioning Veterans life. Your help will allow us to create change and an impact on every community we can reach.

Veteran's HomeFront's (VHF) vision is to create a systemic solution to Veteran homelessness and Veterans suicides through a community collaborative model of grassroots community process management, community empowerment and Veteran peer support relationships. Our goals are to bridge the gaps of transitioning veterans by connecting them to the full continuum of resources available, including Vet to Vet programs, housing placement, career guidance, recreational activities, and other essential human needs with a cohesive strategic plan for the delivery of services through community collaborations.

We mainly work in the state of Virginia but hope to bring our model to many more communities!

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A $2 donation could cover a snack to a hungry homeless veteran

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A $22 donation could cover a new winter coat for a veteran in need

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A $50 donation could cover getting a birth certificate and ID card for one homeless veteran

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A $100 donation could cover a week of a veteran family's groceries

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A $500 donation could cover a security deposit to move a veteran out of homelessness

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A $1000 donation could cover bedroom and living room furniture to make a new house a home

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Any donation, however large or small, will make a difference in someone's life today.

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