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In 2018, SOS has three open host weeks where we do not have a congregation sponsoring the entire week of shelter. As such, we are working with many individual volunteers and multiple congregations who are all able to assist with an aspect of the week. The one gap we foresee is the cost of laundering all our bedding at the end of each week to ensure our guests are sleeping on clean and sanitized linens.

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SOS partners with 8,000 volunteers from over 60 multi-faith congregations to provide men, women, and children with Emergency Shelter Services. Each week, a congregation hosts our Shelter Guests by opening their doors and providing overnight accommodations, three daily meals, transportation, and meaningful daily interactions with caring volunteers. Through this support, we are able to provide over 200 individuals with over 11,000 nights of shelter and 33,000 meals annually, while also working to connect them to long-term sustainable housing options.

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