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Bee the Change for people who are homeless in Denver!

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Annie never thought she would be homeless (no one really PLANS on being homeless). She lost her job because of a change in a state policy, and couldn't find work. She wasn't able to pay her bills, and lost her housing. From there, things just started to spiral down. And now Annie, who has a glowing smile and witty sense of humor, is having further health declines due to high stress and homelessness. She is stuck in a rut because she can't get a job when she is so sick, and she can't get better until she has a home to rest in, and how can she get a home if she doesn't have a job?

Annie sometimes feels like a fish out of water, flopping around trying to navigate this housing market AND meet her basic needs. She’s spending a lot of energy, but not getting anywhere. Working with us helps her focus her limited energy where it’s most effective, the most-likely opportunities to get housing, just like a honeybee is drawn right to that sweet sweet nectar in the flower.

At EarthLinks, we have the tenacious persistence to do what it takes to get Annie into permanent housing AND meet her most immediate needs at the same time. She has a warm, healthy breakfast in her belly, gets paid for working our “Workshop”, and she’s surrounded by peers who are supporting her, rooting for her to get through this rough patch. This support gives her hope, and continued will to push through. And THIS is where YOU step in and help turn that hope into reality. This is where you can give Annie the help she needs to find that elusive home. Not only will your donation connect Annie with a caring person on our staff to help her find housing, but will also support the 50 other clients we serve here at Earthlinks.

Together, we will get Annie, and the rest of our clients, into permanent homes! And you will BEE the change to end homelessness, permanently, in the city of Denver one awesome person at a time.

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Finding housing is really hard in Denver right now, with rent rates at all time highs and vacancy really low. At EarthLinks we provide people with supportive services to help people who are homeless get back on their feet.

The EarthLinks “Workshop” is a micro-enterprise program where participants who are homeless and low-income do organic gardening and create Earth-friendly products, and are paid an hourly stipend for their work. Participants work weekly in our Peace Garden and craft workshop, and set and work toward achieving personal goals, such as acquiring housing, staying in recovery, pursuing education, or working on personal relationships.

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Thank you! from Bee the Change with EarthLinks
April 21, 2017 at 7:16 AM

A huge thank you for Beeing the Change for people like Anna, who are homeless in Denver! Your donation will also have TWICE the impact because we were able to get the full dollar for dollar match of $1,000! This means that Anna and Jose will get the support they need to get into housing! You're contribution makes all the difference in the world in these moments!

And, if you're a Denver local, please join us for our Annual Plant Sale on May 12 & 13 to get organically grown seedlings for your garden! Check out our website for more details. And, come early for the best selection!

Thank you!

Ona Crow EarthLinks

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A $5 donation could cover a day pass for public transit

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A $30 donation could cover an hour-long housing navigation meeting

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A $57 donation could cover a stipend paid directly to a participant for their work in Workshop!

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A $100 donation could cover helping a participant fill out ONE housing application (they're really long!)

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A $1000 donation could cover a zero interest loan for a security deposit for an apartment, which will be repaid and used for the next participant who needs assistance (we have a 100% repayment rate!)

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Any donation, however large or small, will make a difference in someone's life today.

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