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Centro Nueva Creación serves elementary school students from the Fairhill neighborhood of Philadelphia and the William Cramp Elementary School, one of the highest poverty, lowest-performing schools in the city.

Centro's programs, like the upcoming summer camp, create a positive environment for at-risk children, providing hands-on activities that work to improve much needed academic achievement while increasing school attendance and engagement. Centro’s programs focus on arts and culture, and also use evidence-based best practices to boost academics and encourage healthy lifestyles and family engagement.

During the summer camp, students receive a healthy breakfast and lunch and engage in a number of activities including: project-based learning enrichment, swimming at the local pool, and semi-structured games that encourage pro-social skills development. Students also attend weekly field trips.

Through the program, students learn to express themselves through the arts. The camp culminates with a public art exhibition of the students' work, which features photographs, poems, and performances.

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