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Help us provide clothing, shoes, and back packs for the children living in our shelter

About this Campaign

This campaign's mission is to provide the children living in Raphael House with the essentials for their daily needs. As Raphael House expands its Residential Shelter Program it faces the challenge of supporting a growing number of families and children living in poverty. The numbers of individuals have not only increased, but the needs of the population served have increased as well.

Families experiencing homeless often don't have the opportunity to store or clean their belongings. The families that come to Raphael House do so after having survived in their cars, in emergency shelters, or by piecing together shelter as they can — with family and friends, one night at a time. Others flee unsafe situations and are not afforded the time to gather beloved belongings or even basic necessities. Due to conditions they endure preceding entry into shelter, our families will often move in with only a backpack of belongings.

Your donation will be used to provide the basic essentials for children — shoes, socks, underwear, clothes, and a backpack for school. We will also use contributions to provide for the needs of new babies- essentials like diapers, clothes, bottles, and blankets.

The lack of clean, warm, adequate fitting clothes and shoes causes harm beyond discomfort- it damages one's sense of self and security in the world. Your contribution will allow parents to face the innumerable obstacles to exit homelessness knowing that their children are adequately clothed and provided for.

This campaign will be matched dollar for dollar by With your help we can raise $4,000 for the families in our shelter.

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A $20 donation can cover socks and underwear for one child.

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A $50 donation could cover a quality backpack and shoes for one child

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A $100 donation could cover bottles, onesies, blankets, and a baby carrier or one stroller for an infant.

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A $1000 donation could cover complete outfits (socks, underwear, clothes, and shoes) for ten children

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Any donation, however large or small, will make a difference in someone's life today.

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