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This campaign's mission is to provide children in Chinatown with Chromebooks and coding lessons so they could learn HTML and CSS.

Ever since Treehouse Space was opened in the heart of Chinatown, neighbors have come in to use our facilities. I started lending out old laptops. And everyday, neighbors keep coming in, and I noticed that they not only lack computers, they also lack the digital literacy skills for a better future. This digital gap continues to widen the gap for equalities. The money donated will be used to get Chromebooks so more students could use it to type their ESL essays as well as learning simple web surfing, and eventually teaching them HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

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$20 covers school supplies so children can complete their homework

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$50 covers a year of printing costs for a student to print their completed assignments

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$150 covers the cost of one Chromebook so a child can do their homework, access the internet, and learn to code

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$200 covers the cost of snacks for one year so children have something to eat

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$450 covers the cost of 3 Chromebooks so more children can do their homework, access the internet, and learn to code

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$1,050 covers the cost of 7 Chromebooks for homework, internet access, and learning new coding skills

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Any donation, however large or small, will make a difference in someone's life today.

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