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Help us raise $100,000 to assist in removing employment barriers for marginalized residents in San Francisco

About this Campaign


We believe every talented and skilled individual who is willing and committed to becoming employed, should be, regardless of one's life experiences. This campaign's mission is to help people in marginalized communities remove their barriers to employment. Our goal is to integrate existing communities into the quickly growing Mid-Market job-economy so that ALL San Franciscans can share in the gains of local economic development.



We collaborate across different sectors to achieve system-level change. We do this by partnering with other organizations to ensure our clients are housed, clothed and fed to put them in the best position to work with us to secure long-term employment.

Here's a look at who we partner with across the sectors:


Our success highlights:

  • 73 people placed in jobs since October 2015

  • 32 people enrolled in the Public Defender's Clean Slate Program

  • 87% completion rate in our Job Readiness Program

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A $20 donation could assist with a participant's transportation costs

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A $1000 donation could cover a security deposit for an apartment

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A $5000 donation could cover laptops needed for creating resumes and job searching

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A $10000 donation could assist with additional program development

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Any donation, however large or small, will make a difference in someone's life today.

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