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Give one homeless infant or toddler the childhood education and care to succeed

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In 2004, Michelle gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Leah. Like many families in San Francisco, Michelle was immediately faced with the difficult task of finding childcare for her daughter so that she could work to support her family. Unfortunately, the annual income for parents like Michelle is often less than the annual cost of childcare, which averages $22,000/year. The sad irony: Michelle is a childcare provider.

Michelle had to find an option to cover the alarming cost of childcare, but this was a gargantuan hurdle. There are 3,600 low-income children waiting on SF's centralized eligibility list for subsidized childcare. The stakes for finding adequate childcare for children aged 0-5 are extremely high, as the most critical brain development for children occurs during this age range. And for every $1 spent on quality early care, an estimated $7 is saved by avoiding costly negative outcomes in the long run.

Without resources like Compass Children's Center (CCC), childcare would be out of reach for those in Michelle's position. Located in the heart of San Francisco's Tenderloin district, CCC was started in 1976 to meet a growing need for respite childcare. In 1990, it became the first center in San Francisco to reserve slots for homeless children. Today CCC provides early childhood education and care to 70 homeless and low-income children, ages 0-5.

CCC's mission is three-fold: (1) to even the playing field for some of SF's most at-risk children, preparing them for success in kindergarten and beyond;

(2) to free up parents to work, attend school, or search for housing, all activities that contribute to family stability and self-sufficiency; and

(3) to strengthen participating families, via a rich layer of support services.

While CCC is subsidized by the California Department of Education, the subsidy only covers half of the actual cost of care for each child - Compass must raise the rest: $11,000 per child.

Having interned at CCC while working to become a childcare provider, Michelle didn't hesitate to contact CCC on the day of Leah's birth. She called from the hospital! But as the demand for subsidized childcare is so high, Leah had to wait 10 months before being accepted into CCC. When the day came, it was a tough transition for Leah. At first, Leah cried and cried. But CCC assigns a teacher to each child for each age group. Leah had a great teacher who worked hard to gain her trust. It worked! Whenever Leah would cry, this teacher could soothe her. When it was time to transition from the Infant room to the Toddler room, this teacher was instrumental in the transition.

Leah thrived! From an inconsolable infant to a curious toddler, Leah was immersed in creative activities in an incredibly diverse environment. Leah would go home speaking Spanish and Chinese she picked up from her teachers and classmates. She would sing songs and dance on the bus rides home with Michelle. Fast forward a decade: Leah is now an artistic 6th grader who loves to sing, dance, and cook.

Please help support kids like Leah so they too can realize their hopes and dreams! While Leah was not homeless, many of the kids that attend CCC lack a place to call home. CCC is often the one point of stability, safety, and predictability in a family's life. At CCC, the family has access to a comprehensive continuum of care that Compass Family Services has provided for over 100 years.

Thank you for any support you can offer!

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