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All kids need their own space when learning from home! Help provide 100 free desks!

About this Campaign

All kids need their own desk; a place where they can study, read, paint, and explore the imaginations of their minds. The pandemic has resulted in a shift to virtual learning, requiring children to have their own place to focus on schoolwork. Unfortunately, many students do not have a dedicated workspace that they can call their own.

Desks for Kids is a group of dedicated organizations and individuals building effective and comfortable desks for kids. ALL DESKS ARE FREE. At this time, we have partnered with Lighthouse and the Downtown Youth Boxing Gym Program to provide 100 desks for 100 kids.

This building effort is being supported by the generosity of Building Beds 4 Kids and Wechsler Construction.

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A $25 donation will help cover a portion of materials needed to build the desks

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A $50 donation could provide one desk for a child learning from home

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A $100 donation could provide desks for two children learning from home

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A $1000 donation could provide desks for ten children learning from home

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Any donation, however large or small, will make a difference in someone's life today.

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