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About this Campaign
  • How do you eat healthy when you live in a neighborhood without a full service grocery store?

  • What if your income is less than $15,000 per year, you are trying to manage a chronic health condition AND you don't have your own kitchen?

This is the case for much of the 450 people living in our supportive housing.

This holiday season we invite you to invest in the well-being of our tenants by supporting our healthy eating campaign. Our 450 tenants have overcome homelessness, yet still lack sufficient resources to secure and prepare fresh healthy meals. With your partnership, we can alleviate hunger and poor nutrition in the DISH community.

Tenants like Lynne at the Empress have worked hard to overcome these obstacles by educating herself through healthy eating programs, and preparing nutritious meals for herself and other tenants in partnership with our support services programs.

  • provide vouchers for healthy fresh food
  • purchase cooking appliances that can be used in SRO units such as slow cookers
  • provide stipends for tenants to educate other tenants on healthy eating and assist with preparing community meals
  • invest in upgrades to our community kitchens to provide greater access for the tenant community

At Delivering Innovation in Supportive Housing, we believe that everyone deserves a home. Every day, we provide high-quality, permanent housing to San Franciscans who suffer from serious health issues. With our help, they can get off the streets, rebuild their lives, and strengthen our communities.

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A conversation with Juanita on how cooking brings together community.
December 21, 2016 at 11:21 AM

We chatted with Juanita, a long-time resident who shares her cooking with her neighbors whenever possible.

DISH: What is your favorite thing to cook?

Juanita: My favorite thing is chicken wings with yams, cabbage, or cornbread. I like grits and eggs with toast.

DISH: Where do you go for groceries?

Juanita: I normally go to Safeway or Food Co. Corner stores are too expensive. Once a week on Monday's, I bring fresh produce through City Impact.

DISH: How do you use the community kitchen?

Juanita: I use the stoke, but I don't bake much unless it's cornbread or I might bake a cake around the holidays. Even if it weren't to share with the building, I'd still cook a large meal for the holidays.

DISH: How did you become interested in cooking with and for your community?

Juanita: I'm cooking at least 3 to 4 times a week. Sometimes I help with the holiday meals. I like to make basically what your mother would put on the table. I just enjoy cooking. When I cook, a lot of people gravitate to the kitchen. I don't have a lot, but I at least have a little to share. I have six children and I come from a large family growing up, and my mom always made large quantities. I enjoy sharing and eating with other people. I enjoy watching people enjoy my meals. It's important for my health also. As I'm getting older, I pay attention to what I eat.

DISH: Do you have any cooking advice for your neighbors or DISH?

Juanita: You [DISH] could do a cooking class - microwave, the actual oven, crockpot. I believe a lot of people do use it [crockpots]. Not a whole lot of people use the actual kitchen. I suppose people don't take the time to go shopping and food isn't affordable. Some type of voucher or stipend could be given. You [DISH] could help them pick things they can make using the stove.

DISH: What do you like to cook with?

Juanita: Just salt and pepper, and a little garlic salt.

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