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Help us house 4 Families before Christmas!

About this Campaign

Family Promise has four families that want to get a place of their own before Christmas! They each need a minimum of $450 to help them pay a security deposit.

Family 1

Meet K and M and their beautiful family. K and M are married with three kids and just need a little help getting a home of their own. They need $455 for a security deposit and utility deposit. K and M joined Family Promise of Gainesville in September 2016. They lived in their car with their three kids for a while before heading here. Since joining Family Promise shelter, M found a job and the kids are doing better in school. K is still looking for a job in social services--she wants to help others and give back.

Family can be complicated....when your siblings are struggling with addiction, it can sometimes lead to the entire family losing their footing. To come through such tough times is difficult, but to come through it with strength, kindness, and a willingness to help others....well that's darn near a miracle.

Family 2

Rebecca is a single mom with four beautiful kids. Her past landlord had a bank foreclosure--the landlord's failure to pay bills led the bank to take the home. Meanwhile the tenant, Rebecca, was stuck with a 24-hour eviction and nowhere to go. She needs $750 to get a new home of her own.

Family 3

Medical issues led to difficulty for mom, a highly trained factory worker that 'made too much' for medicaid. Her bills piled up causing her to lose her home. She is working again, but needs help with a deposit for a home of her own.

These are just three of the working families we have helped this year. Any donations to this fund will help a family get stable & start 2017 on solid ground.

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A HandUp Update from Family Promise Home Fund
January 3, 2017 at 6:24 AM

Thank you to everyone who donated. We had several donations offline so that our results are actually better than the amount indicated by HandUp. You helped us house 3 out of the 4 families by the end of this campaign. They are starting the new year in a home of their own. Your donation made a tremendous difference in the lives of local families.

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$25 provides one night’s shelter and six meals for a family of two while they are still in shelter.

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$50 provides one night’s shelter and twelve meals for a family of four while they are still in shelter.

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$450 provides a security deposit for a new home

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$550 provides utility deposits needed for an apartment

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$1000 covers a security deposit AND utility deposits needed for an apartment

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Any donation, however large or small, will make a difference in someone's life today.

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