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Help the hardest to place foster children become adopted

About this Campaign

About this campaign

This campaign's mission is to raise necessary funds for an awareness campaign of foster children waiting for adoption. We've assisted with more than 250 adoptions since inception focusing on the hardest to place foster children.

About us

The Heart Gallery's mission is to provide innovative programs that help to promote the adoption and enrichment of Broward's foster children. It is one of over 100 independent heart galleries across the country. We work closely with ChildNet and the local foster care providers to seek adoptive families and other connections for these children.

In order to continue to find homes for these children, we need help funding the core services we provide:

  • Creating awareness campaigns for our children

  • Providing matching assistance for approved prospective parents

  • Enrichment programs for children that are waiting for adoption

Watch this video to learn more:

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$50 covers the cost for one foster child's photo to promote their adoption

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$100 contributes to the cost of setting up art gallery shows promote our children

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$250 contributes to the cost of setting up art gallery shows to promote our children

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$500 contributes to costs related to matching assistance for our children

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$1000 gift covers a deposit for a program outing for foster children living in a group home/shelter

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$5,000 could help fund enrichment programs for our children

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$10,000 could fund our annual National Adoption Day event

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Any donation, however large or small, will make a difference in someone's life today.

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