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Mary Elizabeth Inn administers a permanent housing program in two historic residential buildings in San Francisco for women only who are formerly homeless. In addition to onsite, comprehensive case management services, we also provide two free meals each weekday. The Meals Program has no dedicated source of funding, and so we rely on grants and generous donations. Many women need the Meals Program because they face either physical or financial obstacles to shopping for and storing food, and preparing their own meals. We currently serve approximately 70 participants for a total of nearly 18,200 meals per year. $30,000.00 would help supplement our budget for the remainder of our fiscal year.

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A $25 donation could cover two meals a day for two women in need for a week.

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A $100 donation could cover approximately 80 meals.

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A $325 donation could cover the bi-weekly wages for a food preparer/server.

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A $1000 donation could cover food purchases for half the month.

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