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Helping Hand for the unhoused

About this Campaign

Many unhoused individuals need a helping hand while they are transitioning, at U-INSPIRE we are an all volunteer run organization and we are reaching out to homeless individual in homeless camps in Oakland, CA and providing needed resources from food to kits with essentials - water, hygiene wipes, toothbrush/toothpaste, undershirts/socks, soap, hand sanitizer, garbage bags, resource list and words of encouragement/prayer.

We are hearing their stories and trying to provide solutions that are specific to their situation.

With your helping hand we will be able to expand our reach.

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$5 provides a 24-pk water

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$10 provides a care kit for men

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$15 provides a care kit for women - sanitary napkins included

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$20 provides 5 - 25ct Target garbage bags

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$85 provides transportation to get to appts. within the East Bay for 31 days.

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$100 provides a family with electricity for one month in their own home.

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$1500 covers the cost of a deposit to move someone out of homelessness and into housing.

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$20000 covers the cost of a motorhome for an unhoused individual(s)

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Any donation, however large or small, will make a difference in someone's life today.

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