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Help provide housing, support and hope for homeless families waiting for shelter

About this Campaign

Compass Family Services is where families facing homelessness receive housing services and comprehensive support as they transition from crisis to economic stability. Having served San Francisco for over 100 years, we are the City’s longest operating family safety net, and in cooperation with partner organizations, Compass Family Services will serve until the need ceases to exist.

We will provide services that include temporary shelter, long-term housing, childcare, mental healthcare, and employment and educational assistance to nearly 6,000 parents and children this year.

There are currently only 65 rooms designated as family shelter rooms in San Francisco. Shelter stays are limited to 3 to 6 months. There are currently 241 families on the wait list for these rooms (almost 4 times as many families in need of a shelter than we have rooms to provide).

Families can wait six months to one year before they get a stay in a family shelter. That means homeless families wait longer for a shelter room than they actually get to stay in the shelter.

The majority of families who are homeless in San Francisco are “couch surfing.” That means they are staying in the homes of friends and family and are frequently hopping from one to the next. When resources run out, these families are forced to leave. When the network of friends and family have been exhausted, families are forced to live in cars or on the streets.

Compass Family Services provides families on the wait list with much needed mental health and case management services as well as supplies that include diapers, formula, personal hygiene items, canned goods, and transportation tokens.

Mental health services help each family member deal with the stresses of being homeless as well as overcome, in many cases, years of trauma and abuse.

Case management services provides the pathway for families to secure long-term housing and achieving economic stability and family well-being.

Parents understand when they partner with Compass Family Services, that they’re taking an important first step. We empower families to be the best they can be, starting with a livelihood and a home of their own. More than 90% of families that complete our housing program remain in stable housing.

When you invest in Compass Family Services, you’re making a vital, positive and profound impact by helping families transition from homelessness, which benefits all of our community.

Thank you for helping us reach our goal of $10,000. Please share this link with others. You can learn more about Compass Family Services by visiting us at

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A HandUp Update from Holiday Fund for Homeless Families
February 17, 2017 at 1:25 PM

All of us at Compass Family Services would like to thank you for your donation to our holiday fund for homeless families.

Family homelessness in San Francisco is a crisis. Families are constantly moving from couch to couch, shelter to shelter, friend to friend, and when they can't find a place to sleep at night - they're living out of cars or on the street.

Your donation will help provide them with basic supplies they need to buy a little more time with friends and family. It also ensures we have the resources available to provide them with the mental healthcare and case management they need to deal with the barriers that are actually causing their housing crisis.

You can learn more about the comprehensive services we provide to homeless and at-risk families in San Francisco by visiting us at

Thank you! And on behalf of the more than 5,000 parents and children we help each year - have a wonderful 2017!

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$10 provides a box of infant formula for a homeless mom and child

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$20 provides five homeless parents with transportation assistance to get their children to school and to critical appointments

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$50 provides diapers for 15 homeless children

4 supporters


$100 supports two homeless children's early enriched childhood education for one day

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$250 provides two families with respite from sleeping in cars and homeless shelters for one night

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$500 feeds 70 homeless and at-risk preschoolers in our childcare program for five days

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$1,000 provides three families with the mental health support they need to overcome trauma and abuse

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$1,500 prevents one family from becoming homeless and gets them into permanent housing

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