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Help house 200 homeless veterans in our community

About this Campaign

Homes for Heroes is a collaborative campaign to end chronic veteran homelessness. And housing is the key to our success. Over the past two years this public-private partnership has housed 700 homeless veterans and we have 200 more to go in our community.

This fund will provide needed resources to veterans exiting homelessness and will be used by our collaborative to reduce barriers to housing. Flexible funding is a needed compliment to federal and local government resources and can make the difference between long episodes of homelessness and a successful housing placement.

Through our short and long term housing solutions we can make housing success a reality for any veteran. But we need more landlords to lease to these perspective tenants and we must remove barriers that keep veterans homeless.

This fund will help us incentivize landlords, remove small barriers, and set up a home for veterans and their families. This fund will help us incentivize landlords to rent to veterans experiencing homelessness. With your help we can move more veterans into housing more quickly.

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A $500 donation could cover furnishings

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