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Our goal is to raise a total of $25,000.00, which comes out to $500.00 to support each senior citizen we’re currently servicing

About this Campaign

Right now, community shelter data for the City of Detroit shows over 100 senior citizens residing in emergency shelters with a quarter of them reported as disabled and homeless for 12 months or longer. Keep in mind that in emergency homeless shelters our seniors reside with the general population, often having no space for the unique set of needs they may have. At the moment, CHS is currently engaged with more than 50 senior households whose primary nighttime residence is emergency shelter or the streets. Our goal is to get these folks housed as soon as possible in a place that’s respectful of the needs of seniors.

CHS is helping these individuals with the daily tasks that may come easy to the average person, but can be extremely difficult for seniors, particularly those who are disabled or suffering from terminal illnesses. Accessing reliable and safe transportation, accessing mail, searching for housing, communicating with landlords all while trying to maintain their health and well-being can be a real challenge.

On this Giving Tuesday, during the holiday giving season, or anytime you have the means to help, please #doanything you can to help homeless households get the support they need. Our goal is to raise $500.00 to support each senior citizen we’re currently servicing for a total of $25,000.00.

Your donation will go directly to support advocacy for homeless households such as these and help them with housing search, transportation to view housing, bus fair, rental application fees, landlord/tenant negotiations, acquiring vital documents such as birth certificates and ID, employment and benefits access, household items and furniture, connection to healthcare and mental health resources and benefits, life skills training, tenancy management, first month rent, security deposits, and utility assistance.

Please #doanything as every little bit helps!

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