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“I’m grateful that we have this place because if we didn’t we’d probably all starve to death. I don’t want nobody to starve to death... Cause there’s places… that don’t have this… It’s changed my whole life.” – Cathy Jo. Sprinkle

Cathy was in and out of homelessness for more than 15 years.

She was born into difficult circumstances. Both her parents were alcoholics and her mother was also addicted to drugs. Her mother gave her up to fostering when she was four and her new family physically abused her. She described fleeing her foster’s mom’s boyfriend when she was eight years old, having to call the police and escape out a window. That boyfriend later murdered another mom and daughter.

Cathy turned to alcohol when she was seventeen as a means to cope with all her struggles. This led to alcoholism and being thrown out of her home. For years, she went from one bad boyfriend to the next until she finally ended up homeless on the streets of Bloomington.

It was then that she turned to Shalom Center.

"Without Shalom, I'd probably would be dead… I’d probably starve to death. I would barely make it. We need this place very much. Everybody does… There’s a lot of people out there who don’t have very much at all.” - Cathy

You save lives with every donation you make. Please make a gift right now to support Shalom’s efforts to make sure no one goes hungry.

Shalom is one of the most important meal providers in our community, serving more sit-down meals than any other nonprofit. Because of you, 74,604 meals were served to hungry souls through our kitchen last year, the largest number since the Recession. You can rest assured that when you support Shalom, you make a great impact in our community.

Hunger remains strong and people like Cathy need your help.




Amazingly, it only costs us $1 to provide a single meal, so multiplied by the match, a donation from you could help a lot of people!

If you hurry, any gift you give to Shalom will be doubled up to the first $1,000!

$25 would provide 50 meals.

$100 would provide 200 meals.

$1,000 would provide 2,000 meals.

This is a great opportunity for you to make your donation go that much further in helping combat hunger in our community. Please help us stop hunger in its tracks!!

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