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SOS! Our neighbors and neighborhoods are in crisis! We need more SAFE ORGANIZED SPACES to address our encampment, shelter, and affordable housing crisis.

We are raising money to continue our work developing secure shelter and SAFE ORGANIZED SPACES for people to transition from street to home.

Founded in November 2015, the Saint Francis Homelessness Challenge (SFHC), has been organizing with encampment residents, City services, impacted neighborhoods, and community leaders for nearly two years to develop and pilot humane and cost-effective strategies that address our multi-faceted encampment and shelter/housing shortage crisis.

Over the past two years, SFHC has used donations from over 200 individual donors to:

✪ Develop San Francisco's first Transitional Sleep and Storage pilot on private property at the Impact Hub

✪ Developed multiple blueprints for license agreements, insurance, safety features, and building standards with inclusive stakeholder input that have been shared with multiple Bay Area community organizations and government leaders/workers.

✪ Pilot sanitation services at 3 different encampments

✪ Build and pilot 12 transitional shelters

✪ Fund materials for encampment trash collection and safety improvements

✪ Support organizing efforts and events

✪ Build a growing network of supporters for transitional villages to be piloted in SF and accepted by local government.

Our biggest funding needs are as follows:

✪ $25,000 Building materials/tools/supplies

✪ $18,000: One year of Basic Income for Director/Organizer

✪ $10,000: Stipends for Current/Former encampment participants to help with rent/food/etc.

✪ $5,000: Transportation

✪ $3,000: Insurance

✪ $2,000: Communications

✪ $2,000: Food for events/meetings

Thank you for your support of strategic solutions to our encampment and shelter/housing shortage crisis that reduce harm, support transition, and increase livability and well-being for the entire community. Join our efforts to advocate for organized places for people to belong on public and private land with reasonable agreements during our shelter/housing shortage crisis. It’s the moral, cost-effective, and strategic way forward.

View our latest Profit and Loss statement up to 8/2017 from our Fiscal Sponsor, Intersection for the Arts

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A HandUp Update from Transitional Shelters & Villages in SF
November 7, 2017 at 1:10 PM

"There are so many encampments in and around my neighborhood that are unsafe. They keep getting shuffled off, their belongings confiscated and trashed. There's never enough housing to offer them. Their autonomy is taken away. There must be better options. I challenge any one of us to endure homelessness and not go crazy in process. Safe organized spaces are a step in better direction." Brenda, registered voter in District 10.

Do you agree with Brenda? Sign + Share the SOS Petition:

Our campaign still has $1599 in matching funds available from Google. Please share the campaign to help us reach the $20,000 mark to scale up our transitional village model.

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Give what you can to create more Safe Organized Spaces in SF/Bay Area

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Give what you can to create more Safe Organized Spaces in SF/Bay Area

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Give what you can to create more Safe Organized Spaces in SF/Bay Area

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The cost to build one transitional sleep and storage shelter

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One month of Basic Income for SFHC Director/Organizer

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One year of SFHC food costs for events/meetings/outreach

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One year of SFHC Insurance costs

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One year of SFHC Transportation costs

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