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Help a Victim of Domestic Violence

About this Campaign

The Carlsbad Family Shelter Shelter (CBFS) provides immediate intervention & safety for individuals experiencing domestic violence. We work to educate & increase public awareness about domestic violence, provide available resources, and promote alternatives to violence in order to decrease the incidents of domestic violence.

The primary need and issue that our organization addresses is providing immediate safety and shelter to homeless individuals who are experiencing domestic violence. These individuals are in high risk, volatile situations that require immediate intervention and safety, which our agency provides on a 24-hour basis. Client needs are addressed immediately with no waiting time. CBFS has never refused services to a victim of domestic violence.

A contribution to this campaign could provide someone escaping domestic violence their basic needs such as food, clothing, transportation, or a security deposit to be able to move.

We also have a great need for updated Air Conditioning units in our shelter. We live in an area that gets very hot and with summer coming quickly, we are expecting 90-100 Degree weather for several months in a row. Heat like this can be unbearable without basic Air Conditioning. Your contribution can help make our shelter a comfortable safe haven for our families.

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