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About this Campaign

Oakland County and Detroit are working together to improve the response to those experiencing homelessness in our community. This campaign will provide resources to support much-needed street outreach services provided for those experiencing homelessness in Metro Detroit.

Each year on the same night in January, Oakland County and Detroit join every other community across the United States in the Point In Time Count (PIT) - an effort to find and count every individual and family who is unsheltered and experiencing homelessness. These numbers are shared nationwide and are used to help understand the state of homelessness throughout America.

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In Michigan, January is one of our coldest months. During this time we are reminded of the devastating effects of homelessness. Finding individuals sleeping in storefronts, families huddled in their cars, and footprints leading into an abandoned building, reminds us that although we are helping so many people end their homelessness, there are still so many more in need of assistance.

This campaign will help Oakland County and Detroit better engage our area’s homeless population. From providing people with a food voucher, a clean pair of socks, or a bus ticket...these funds will be used to help build a trusting relationship with people experiencing street homelessness to help them engage in services and housing.

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