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Help us raise $30,000 to provide prescription eye glasses to 3,000 homeless individuals

About this Campaign

This campaign is to support Welcome's Homeless Vision Project, in partnership with SF CARES and Project Homeless Connect. All funds raised in this campaign will be used to provide prescription eye-glasses and readers to homeless and low income San Franciscans and Hawaiians.

Welcome, an innovative nonprofit located in San Francisco, began in 1996 as a drop-in meal program in the Polk-Gultch district. Over the years, our programming shifts to find a faithful way to respond to the most current needs of the homeless in San Francisco. In the past our services have included a homeless identification project, community gardens that produced over 5 tons of produce, supporting and reviving vital programs that would otherwise be closed and giving a voice to homeless LGBTQ youth. Welcome also facilitates the Singers of the Streets choir program and is working on a project to provide crisis care during emergencies and disasters in partnership with the San Francisco Police Department.

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A $20 donation provides one pair of prescription eye glasses.

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A $50 donation provides 50 people with reading glasses.

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A $100 donation provides prescription eye glasses for 50 individuals.

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A $500 donation provides readers for 500 homeless individuals.

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A $1000 enables you to sponsor one of our monthly glasses events.

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Any donation, however large or small, will make a difference in someone's life today.

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