8 Mile & Woodward Homelessness Fund

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Help partners from Detroit and Ferndale assist those experiencing homeless and panhandling at 8/Woodward get housing and other supports they need

About this Campaign

Over the past 15 years, 8 Mile and Woodward has become a common place where people experiencing long-term, unsheltered, homelessness sleep and solicit donations from passing drivers. While most people panhandling may also be experiencing homelessness, others are experiencing housing instability. All are depending on panhandling to meet their basic needs.

Government and nonprofit partners from Detroit and Ferndale are working together to address the needs of the homeless and panhandlers at 8 Mile and Woodward.

Our goals are to:

  1. Assist individuals experiencing homelessness at the Intersection to secure safe, affordable, and permanent housing;

  2. Reduce the need for individuals to rely on panhandling to meet their basic needs;

  3. Connect these individuals to appropriate primary health, behavioral health, and workforce development services as identified; and

  4. Improve conditions and overall harmony between the people at the intersection, the physical intersection, and the surrounding neighborhoods by coordinating these human services efforts with the physical improvements planned for the Intersection to effectively move people from homelessness into housing.

Your donations will help meet the immediate needs of those we serve so they can move toward self-sufficiency.

Lighthouse will be solely acting as fiduciary with 100% of proceeds donated on HandUp going to support the collaborative efforts of: City of Ferndale, City of Detroit, Homeless Action Network of Detroit, Alliance for Housing, Eight Mile Boulevard Association, and Oakland County Health Division.

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