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Since 1973 the Bayview Hunters Point Foundation Youth Services has played a major role in transforming lives in our community. The Bayview Hunters Point (southeast sector) of San Francisco is home to young people with many talents, hopes and dreams – and the team at Youth Services strives to help these young people reach beyond their highest potential.

Many of the 12 – 24 year olds we serve have been neglected, abused, or traumatized in some manner. Some of our youth turn to drugs and alcohol and struggle with their academics and relationships. Our Counselors and Case Managers counsel our young people on the negative consequences of drug use and provide resources, positive alternatives and structured activities. We serve over 160 youth year-round, and every time we can provide a positive activity for them, it replaces a negative one. We are successfully showing young clients a different way to be in this world while providing preventative and intervention based services.

Our objective is to open the minds of our youth to a wide range of opportunities -- one of ways we do this is by exposing them to places outside of their community and broadening their knowledge about their culture and history in the community. But we know that our youth often do not have the money or transportation to experience all of the wonderful recreational and educational activities that exist in the Bay Area.

We are seeking your contributions to purchase a van for this important program. A van will allow us to safely and comfortably transport our youth to places such as Yosemite and other state and national parks, the San Jose Tech Museum, Blackberry Farm, the Sacramento State Fair, State Capitol, Chabot Observatory, Monterey Bay Aquarium, College tours in Northern and Southern California, and many other unique recreational and educational experiences.

A contribution from you will give us an opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of the young people we serve. We hope that you will generously support our program and efforts. The kids thank you!

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