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The National Fund is raising money to fight urban poverty.

The National Fund supports homeless people and neighbors in need fundraising on HandUp across the United States. When you contribute to this fund, 100% of your donation goes toward meeting basic needs like food, clothing, and housing.

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You helped Joan get into housing!

Joan is a single mother of a 5 year old daughter, she was forced to leave where she was living due to issues of domestic violence her housemate was experiencing. For their safety, she left the situation. Over the last year, your support has helped her through this transition. You will be happy to know that she just got into housing! We can't thank you enough for helping Joan and her daughter overcome homelessness.

Thanks for the support which removed the barrier of an application fee and have helped to make my home more comfortable with the addition of furniture. Thank you once again for your kindness!." - Joan

Thank you for helping Joan and her daughter, and the many other families like theirs.

If you'd like to continue to help end homelessness for those in your community, become a monthly HandUp donor today!

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