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The National Fund is raising money to fight urban poverty.

The National Fund supports homeless people and neighbors in need fundraising on HandUp across the United States. When you contribute to this fund, 100% of your donation goes toward meeting basic needs like food, clothing, and housing.

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Thanks for helping Kimberly get essentials for her new home!

Kimberly has had various jobs in the healthcare field, most recently as a nurse. She was born with Lupus and struggles with heart problems. A recent decline in her health made it tough to keep a job, and has lead to her homelessness. She is very close to securing housing. With your support, she was able to get some essential items to make her soon-to-be house a true home.

I am extremely thankful and grateful for every single thing that has been done for me and given to me at Community & Home Supports and through HandUp. I am so happy to have been apart of this program. Thank you so much. " - Kimberly

Thank you for helping Kimberly and the many other people like her.

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