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The National Fund is raising money to fight urban poverty.

The National Fund supports homeless people and neighbors in need fundraising on HandUp across the United States. When you contribute to this fund, 100% of your donation goes toward meeting basic needs like food, clothing, and housing.

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January 2017 Update: You helped Sabrina stay housed!

In 2015, Sabrina suffered 2nd degree burns that left her out of work. As a result, she lost her house and car. She and her 3 children struggled with homelessness for about 6 months until she was able to get into a shelter. While in the shelter she was able to focus on her housing search, and go to physical therapy to regain her strength for work. She found supportive housing though the shelter, and shortly after was able to obtain a used vehicle that allowed her to go back to work. Her car broke down recently, and this left her out of work for 2 months since a car is a requirement for her job. She fell behind on rent and bills, but through the support of the HandUp community she was able to raise enough to stay current on her rental payments and remain housed! Her car is fixed now, and she is back at work.

"Thank you so much for your help and kindness. My family and I are grateful. We'll be able to keep our home thanks to the kindness of you and others.” -Sabrina

With your support to the National Fund, you’ve helped make the climb out of poverty less steep for Sabrina’s family, and many others just like her.

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