I'm raising money for rent so I can stay in my home.

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Why I'm using HandUp for rent.

I'm using HandUp because unexpected expenses including getting transportation to my doctors have made it difficult to keep up with rental costs. I've called my insurance company to get transportation, and when they don't show up my health is too important so I've had to spend my disability income to get there. I'm trying my hardest and working with a housing team to try to keep going.

About me.

I moved to Michigan in 1998 and resided in Grand Rapids for over a decade. In 2013 I suffered from a brain aneurysm that caused me to loose my peripheral vision and several strokes which left me unable to work. About 5 years ago I moved to Pontiac with a significant other. I enjoy coloring and creating artwork. I also enjoy connected with God and reading my bible.

My backstory.

After moving to Pontiac with my significant other everything changed. My significant other started verbally and physically abusing me which continued for several years until I was able to flee and enter a shelter program. I currently receive SSI but it is not a sufficient income to find and secure safe housing. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be in a shelter program due to my safety. I have faced a lot of trauma in my life starting as a child and I just would like to find housing and continue to live my life the best I can.

My goals, moving forward.

My goal is to find safe and affordable housing. I would love to decorate my home with all my artwork as it makes my the happiest. I also would like to continue my online training course to learn how to use the computer and internet. One of my goals is to continue my education to earn my degree in medical billing. My hope is to find housing and obtain a part-time job to increase my income.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

My proudest and most happiest moment(s) was giving birth to my children. I adore being a mother and my children always came first, I never wanted them to experience what I experienced as a child. Creating are and coloring makes me happy as well.

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