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Monday, 13. Feb. 2017 at 12:00PM

I'm raising money for Video CamCorder so I can further my education in Television Broadcasting.

Chris has been attending Ohlone College for close to two years now. His goal is to complete his AA degree and then transfer to a four year College to complete his education in the Television Broadcasting Field - his eventual goal is to work as a television announcer. Having a Video CamCorder would allow Chris to practive capturing news as it is happening and bring that experience into the classroom and eventually his career.

— Staff at Abode Services

I am an enthusiastic student at Ohlone College and though I wasn't sure what my focus was going to be when I first started, I soon found out how much I enjoyed the Television Broadcasting and Production classes. I am now focused on a career in the field with the education to back up my career goals.

— Christopher

300/300 left

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