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Why I'm using HandUp for materials.

I have been homeless for 5 years. I am currently living in a Chevy Astro van with Petey, the pitbull who belonged to my late youngest son. I was recently given a 5th wheel trailer to call home. It requires some repairs and an affordable space to park. I am requesting support for the repairs including materials to build a sustainable and safe home for myself and Petey.

About me.

I am a native Californian, SSI recipient, 62 year old mother of 2 sons lost to unsolved homicides. My early years were filled with loss and death but after the loss of my youngest son, only one month and 2 days to the 3rd anniversary of the death of my oldest son, I felt I was completely alone. I lost everything including the desire to interact with others. I had no closure so I invented my own, just Petey and me. I let myself fall through the cracks by not seeking or accepting help but now I am ready to find a starting place where I can begin again.

My backstory.

I have tried to get up alone and can only respect the fact that I need help. BACS has helped me take the first step towards self-reliance.

My goals, moving forward.

I want to build a home. I would like a home I can maintain and affordably sustain on my own. My goal is to renovate the trailer into a sanctuary. I would like to work on the trailer with my own two hands to the degree that I am able, but realize I will need some professional assistance. I am and will continue to work on reaching out for help. For my home I am looking for materials, or properties that can provide a million dollar view of Gods goodness within in my budget. I would like to see Petey lunge in the sun and run under the moon. I would like some space to get back to the things I use to enjoy, the things that feed me, including gardening like I did with my sons. This will help me move forward and begin living a life again.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

This will give me a chance to live again instead of just being a survivor. The reason I ask for help is I have reached a point where I know I’m not dying I’m just not living anywhere but in the moment. I want to look forward to tomorrow and stop running from yesterdays.

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