I'm raising money for essential items destroyed by the flooding in detroit so I can recover vital documents and replace clothing/furniture.

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Why I'm using HandUp for essential items destroyed by the flooding in detroit.

I recently experienced a housing crisis, and I moved into a new basement unit with a friend. Everything was turned upside down when the flooding in my area destroyed all of my belongings and I'm working to replace everything from my vital documents, to clothing, to my bed. There are some things that I can't replace like pictures of my children, but I'm going to do my best to take a bad situation and keep moving forward.

About me.

I have many years of working experience. The family I grew up with owned pizzerias and often traveled with carnivals to New Orleans. I love spending time with my family and my children.

My backstory.

I was in a domestic violence situation and had to leave my home, after that I have been working on trying to get more stable.

My goals, moving forward.

My goals are to work hard and get custody of my children again. I love being a mom and everything I do is for them. I would like to get a stable job and secure housing for myself and my children. I also would like to go back to school and get a degree in Business.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

I would love to travel with my children one day. I want to move with my children to a new state where it is never cold!

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