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About me.

I am a single mother of three wonderful boys. We moved from Georgia to Michigan in 2009. I plan to go back to school to continue my studies to become a pharmacist in the near future.

My backstory.

My three boys & I are currently homeless. I am a victim of domestic violence & that's what lead to my current challenges. As a result of my domestic violence situation, I lost my job at the location that I was managing because my abuser would come to my job & try to force himself in before opening hours or he would continuously call my job & threaten me. As a result of me losing my job, I was no longer able to afford the place where we were residing. I also did not feel safe, so I took my boys out of school & ended up relocating to a shelter outside of the city where we were residing. Now my boys & I are safe & ready to enjoy life & be happy.

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