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About me.

Hi I'm Moorgun, I'm originally from Medford and have lived in Corvallis for 12 years. I currently work in Corvallis through the HELP program. In the HELP program is do jobs such as landscaping, painting and general maintenance. I'm currently looking for full-time stable employment that can provide me with 40 hours a week. The DMV has informed me that the only thing preventing me from getting a license is my financial obligations. Having my drivers license would make me uch more qualified for all the jobs I'm applying for, I currently living at COI and have a case manager to help me through the process of finding stability. i currently don't have the finances to pursue finding housing and getting my license, but with a stable job I would be able to do all of this.

My backstory.

I'm currently living at COI and have been here for about 10 months with my family. We have been working very hard on our goals to find self sufficiency. Getting to this situation that I'm currently in came from some poor life decisions that I made. I came back to Corvallis from Eugene about a year ago to be with my significant other and son. Through this time I have struggled with employment and housing. I have completed Alcohol and Drug treatment and am looking to move forward with my family to find self-sufficiency.

My goals, moving forward.

I have the ability to get a car once I get my license. This will greatly help my family with employment and transportation. I'm also working towards long term housing for myself and my family. We have been at COI for 10 months and this has greatly helped us get back on our feet. We are very close to finding our own home. These are our main goals moving forward.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

What makes me happiest is spending time with son Sebastian. My proudest moment was when my son was born and most recently completing Alcohol and Drug treatment. My wildest dream would be to own my business and be successful with it.

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