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About me.

I have always worked and taken care of myself. I look forward to the day I can be more stable because these are very scary times and I'm not sure I can keep a roof over my head without income. The pandemic has hit me close to home and I'm scared. I have always taken care of others. I've worked as a caregiver for many years and that is my true passion - helping people. I enjoy family, reading, and taking care of people in need, especially seniors.

My backstory.

I was finally going to be able to have a really good job in a senior care setting, with my Certified Nursing Assistant certification, which I completed last month. Unfortunately, the company stopped their on-boarding process the day before my orientation, because of the pandemic. I'm considered high risk by my doctor, and so I will need to find a lower risk position once businesses open back up. I'm behind on my rent, utilities and car payment. I did get some help last month from family but they have also lost their incomes due to the pandemic. I'm out of options and feeling lost.

My goals, moving forward.

Since I have my CNA certification, I'm looking forward to getting a solid position as a caregiver once the virus is less risk. I will be exploring all options in the coming months!

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

I guess just being able to go to sleep every night knowing I am trying my best and being kind to others/helping people is what makes me happiest.

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