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Why I'm using HandUp for Auto repairs.

I have an older vehicle that is becoming worn down, and I have had it for a little over two years. The transmission is shifting hard especially when I try to accelerate after stopping at a red light. The alignment needs to be readjusted as it keeps pulling to the left. I would like to get these issues fixed before my vehicle becomes too unsafe.

About me.

I have lived in Macomb County for most of my life. My health recently started to fail, and I have since been unable to work the hours that I would like to. Because of this, bills started to add up, and my car began to experience a lot of problems that I have not been able to fix yet. The main problem is trying to accelerate from a red light.

My backstory.

Back in 2008, I got laid off from a company that I had been working for since high school. I tried working a combination of odd jobs after that, but it wasn't enough to get by. Then I had to move in with a person who was very toxic for me. In order to get out of this situation, I started staying in shelters and on the streets. In April 2015, I entered treatment for my addiction. I have stayed in shelters since then and just recently secured my own housing. Now that I have transitioned into my own housing, I am ready to end my homelessness for good and begin a new life free of negativity and addiction. I also celebrated one year of sobriety on April 21st of this year.

My goals, moving forward.

Now that I am stably housed, I would like to focus on my health and my continued sobriety. I am excited to finally have a place to call home and have all of my effort pay off. Eventually, I would love to start volunteering and giving back what's been freely given to me. I also want to adopt a dog!

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

I love finding the beauty in everything. I may not have made the best choices in my life but I'm glad I'm in a place now where I can reach out to others to make healthy choices, and impact others in a more positive way. Moving forward, I hope to stay sober and healthy for the rest of my days, and maybe take a vacation to see new places.

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