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About me.

I lived in Ortonville for 25 years and after my divorce I was employed by Olive Garden for 11 years. I became a single mother after my divorce, raising my son was my life. After a year of working at Olive Garden I met the most wonderful man who soon became my finance. When I wasn't working my son and I enjoyed playing video games together.

My backstory.

When I started my new job I received health insurance through my employer, at that time I had to switch doctors for my arthritis due to the new insurance. The doctor that I was referred to was the closest to my home and upon leaving my first appointment the doctor prescribed me pain medications for my arthritis. After about 3 months of taking the pain medication I informed my doctor that I was becoming ill when not taking the medication, my doctor informed me that I was building a tolerance and he would prescribe me more pain medication during my visits. After a year of going to repeated doctors appointments and suffering from withdraw symptoms when I didn't have the pain medicine, the doctor referred me to a pain management clinic. During my first appointment at the pain management clinic they prescribed me even stronger pain medicine which lead to losing everything including my son, finance, and home. After several years of battling with addiction and becoming homeless I entered a rehab facility where I spent the next nine months. Once I completed rehab my finance was by my side to help support me through my sobriety. After about 2.5 years of being sober my finance was struck my a drunk driver and killed. This had a huge impact on me which lead to battling with depression and soon lead to my relapse. I have been homeless for the last 2 year due to losing my job from the depression I was facing. Once homeless again, I relapsed after being robbed at the bus stop. I am currently sober and thankful for Beaumont Hospital for connecting me with resources.

My goals, moving forward.

One goal I have is obtain all of my vital records which were stolen when I was robbed at gun point. I want to get all my vital records in hope that I can start applying for jobs and housing opportunities.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

My proudest moment is that I put my son through college all on my own and was able to watch him graduate with an art major. One of my dreams for myself it to go back to college to finish my nursing degree.

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