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About Help Now! Advocacy Center

Think back to your own worst crisis. Who was your support network? A professional whom you paid to help? Friends? Family? Now imagine yourself without money and without that support network. Help Now! is that support network!

Help Now! Advocacy Center is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide advice, support, and skilled negotiation for individuals and families in crisis. We do not charge any fee for our services because doing so would only serve to compound the crises our indigent clients are already facing. Instead we rely on grants and donations to sustain our work.

Since 2004, our trained volunteer advocates have used their negotiating skills to help over 5000 individuals and families through just about every type of crisis imaginable, and we have saved a few lives along the way. We “level the playing field” for those who lack the resources—financial, physical, mental, educational—to do so for themselves when dealing with more powerful others such as utilities, banks, landlords, creditors, government agencies, etc. Through negotiation with service providers, we also help individual and families obtain critically needed services from professionals such as dental, legal, counseling, or building trades at no or significantly reduced cost.

The work Help Now! performs is unique not just in Oregon but nationwide. Although most of our clients are from Oregon, we have assisted people all over the country who are in crisis and who reach out to us for assistance, including those referred to use by chapters of the American Red Cross around the country. We are looking to expand our good works nationwide and have a plan for doing so but, to date, have lacked the resources to start affiliated offices elsewhere in the country.

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