Santa Rosa Homeless Collective

Santa Rosa, CA

About Santa Rosa Homeless Collective

In December of 2014 an Ad Hoc Committee of representatives from local government, business, developers, non-profit and neighborhood associations was formed to:

Develop consensus on a common agenda, goals and measurable outcomes consistent with a Collective Impact Strategy to address issues leading to and resulting from homelessness

Build infrastructure necessary for implementation of a Collective Impact Strategy

Assess and analyze societal, legal, and financial impacts of homelessness

Review existing assets and infrastructure and identify opportunities for shared services, increased efficiencies, and improved outcomes

Foster system-wide collaboration across multiple agencies, institutions, businesses and private parties

Develop and pursue a Course of Action

To accomplish this work, the Santa Rosa Homeless Collaborative (SRHC) developed a Framework for Collective Impact that identified priority goals and objectives and proposed a collective impact model for collaboration that includes the following components:

A shared vision and goals

Shared measurement and accountability

Mutually reinforcing activities toward shared goals

Continuous communications and collaboration

Support to coordinate collaboration

The SRHC identified initial priority areas of focus:

How do we assist individuals in acquiring permanent shelter when we do not have enough housing?

How do we assist individuals in developing the financial resources to acquire and retain permanent shelter?

How do we ensure resources devoted to address homelessness and its impacts are utilized to maximum effect?

How do we ensure policies and decisions are based on accurate and detailed information

How do we build accountability in the system?