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Help us raise $30,000 for the 3,709 Santa Clara County homeless students to provide basic needs to enable them to stay in school and finish their education

About this Campaign

There are 3,709 homeless youth enrolled in Santa Clara County Schools.

104 are unsheltered

3,034 are doubled up with other families and/or friends

221 staying in hotels/motels

350 in temporary shelter

StandUp For Kids works with students ages 12-24. We see them at our Outreach Center, The Village and we connect with schools to encourage them to give us a chance to help these students in need.

Our School Mentoring Program matches homeless and at-risk students with caring mentors who can give them the support needed to overcome academic and personal barriers and the encouragement to make positive and healthy life choices. Studies show that students who succeed despite personal, economic or social challenges often times do so because of a caring adult. The presence of a committed and competent role model for our students builds self-confidence and increases school success. The supportive, healthy relationship formed with mentors and the students' basic needs being met enable them to stay in school and finish their education.

We are raising money to furnish backpacks with school supplies, weekend food and nutritious snacks to be distributed to homeless kids attending school. Clothes are also given to homeless students to take as needed. With winter coming up we will want to ensure we have winter wear.

Clean clothes help students feel confident in showing up and having the right supplies will ensure they have what they need to succeed in school. With your support, we can provide these essential supplies, food and clothing to our kids in need.

In addition to the basics for school, we provide bus passes for students who can't ride the school bus. A bus pass is important for not only getting to and from school, but to job interviews, and our Outreach Center where they can study, take a hot shower, get a hot meal and use the internet. Other things that we provide upon recommendation include: testing fees, diploma fees, certification fees, driver license fees, etc.

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A HandUp Update from Back to School - Build For A Future
November 12, 2016 at 8:50 AM

We want to give a big THANK YOU to our donors for all the help which we and our volunteers really appreciate. Thanks to the “handup” you gave and Standing Up For Kids we are able to purchase winter supplies, backpacks, food supplies and hygiene supplies for kids going to school.

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