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This campaign's mission is to provide the childcare services low-income families need in order to remain in the workforce and continue their journey out of poverty. This is crucial in Marin where housing and other living costs are extremely high. is providing donation matches up to $10,000, so if you donate now, your support will be doubled. Please help us take advantage of this opportunity and donate before June 30th. The Novato Youth Center promotes success for all youth, but especially those in need. In service of this goal, nearly two-thirds of our childcare participants are from low-income families.

State contracts cover only part of the expense of serving low-income families. This year, we need to raise over $70,000 to cover the gap between the funding the State provides and the actual cost of providing childcare for low-income families. This funding pays for teachers, transportation, healthy meals, and maintaining the curriculum and facilities needed to best support growth and development. Your donation will help ensure youth from low-income families will receive the full benefit of our services.

With childcare being the second highest cost in the family home (next to housing), it is an essential safety net service that allows parents to work or continue their education. > 98% of NYC's childcare families surveyed reported that their child's enrollment in our enrichment program has made it easier for them to keep a job.

Jessie is just one of the youth we have been able to help. Jessie first came to the Center at the age of eight through a social worker assigned to her family. Jessie was missing so many days of school that Child Protective Services was contacted. Jessie's mom is a single parent earning the only income the family of four have, and in order to go to work, she kept Jessie out of school to babysit her younger siblings, aged five and two. They spent most of the day watching television.

Because of our subsidized before and after school care, Jessie's mom is now able to drop her children off at the Center on her way to work in the mornings and pick them up at the end of the day. NYC feeds them a healthy breakfast, drives them to school, and then picks them up at the end of the day when services continue afterschool. Teachers and tutors provide homework help, as well as hours of fun and enriching activities, ensuring the siblings are under the safe supervision of trained adults.

Childcare services benefit not just the family, but the community. > For every $1 invested in quality early care, $16 is saved in law enforcement, special education and welfare dependence.

Parents with stable child care arrangements are also less concerned about their child's safety and more productive on the job.

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We exceeded the $20K mark to support the Novato Youth Center's working families in need
June 23, 2016 at 9:43 AM

Congratulations everyone! Together we have now raised $21,305 to support childcare for children in working families in need. We appreciate all of your efforts. Families like Aracelia and her four children thank you!

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