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We are raising money for our clients' critical housing needs, donate to our campaign to show your support!

About this Campaign

People seeking services often cross county and city lines, and nonprofits in Detroit and Oakland County often serve the same people who continue to seek help.

As such, 9 local nonprofits (and counting!) from these communities have teamed up with the city and local foundations to work together to collaboratively raise funds to better meet the basic needs of people in our region experiencing poverty.

Learn more about the HandUp Detroit initiative here.

100% of the funds raised will go towards the people we serve and the first $20k in donations will be matched dollar for dollar!

Funds will be used to help clients with expenses related to housing, such as:

  • birth certificate and identification fees needed to apply for housing assistance

  • security deposits

  • furniture

  • utility bills

  • rental assistance

  • transportation

  • and other needs critical to obtaining or maintaining housing

Your donations will be used to help people like the ones here:

I am in need of some help with my security deposit for a new place. I currently am homeless with two children and have no income saved to help me get started." -Jaqueisha, Community & Home Supports, Inc.

Thank you so much for helping me pay down on my utilities! I'm excited to move into my new apartment and be able to have the lights on in my name. I'm so very grateful to you for all of your support!" -Alan, South Oakland Shelter

Right now I do not have basic necessities and I struggle to pay my bills... I have an apartment but absolutely no furniture. I am grateful to have a roof over my head but hope that I can make my living space comfortable for myself." -Eddie, Neighborhood Legal Services Michigan

Participating Agencies whose clients will benefit from this campaign are: Coalition against Temporary Shelter (COTS), Community & Home Supports, Inc. (CHS), Community Housing Network, Inc. (CHN), Community Social Services of Wayne County (CSSWC), Neighborhood Legal Services Michigan (NLSM), Neighborhood Service Organization (NSO), and South Oakland Shelter (SOS).

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A HandUp Update from Metro Detroit Housing Campaign
June 1, 2017 at 8:43 AM

This May our partners began using the Metro Detroit Housing Campaign funds to help our clients with urgent needs. With just over $3,000 we were able to help seven families.

Four families from COTS, who previously were sleeping on the floor, purchased beds and futons. A mother from COTS purchased a washer and dryer for her family of six and she now does not have to worry about finding transportation to the laundromat. Deane from Community & Home Supports was able to purchase a recliner to help her properly recover from an upcoming knee surgery.  James from Community & Home Supports was able to pay fees for his storage unit to keep his furniture and belongings safe while he is transitioning into new housing.

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A $20 donation could cover a birth certificate so someone can apply for housing assistance

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A $50 donation could cover the cost of household cleaning supplies

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A $75 donation could cover minor household repairs

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A $100 donation could contribute to utility arrears

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A $150 donation could cover bedding and towels

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A $500 donation could cover furnishings

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A $1000 donation could cover a security deposit

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A $5000 donation could cover security deposits for 5 families

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A $10,000 donation could cover security deposits for 10 families

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Any donation, however large or small, will make a difference in someone's life today.

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