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About this Campaign

While Miriam filled out an application for our denture program, she was asked, “How will dentures make a difference in your life?” She couldn’t help but respond emotionally, “Without teeth, I can’t eat well; I can’t be social, and I can’t smile.”

Project Homeless Connect (PHC) and Simply the Basics (SB) are working together to improve physical health of people experiencing homelessness, reduce infection rates in the Bay Area, reduce emergency room visits due to poor health and prevention tools, and improve overall wellness and dignity! One such program toward reaching these goals is the Dental Program.

A recent survey conducted by Simply the Basics showed that more than 66% of people in San Francisco receiving low income or homelessness services have poor dental and oral health, and more than 58% have required at least one Emergency Room visit due to dental health or infections. Together, PHC and SB will provide dental care and products for ongoing health and wellness.

Dental Care Program

Through participants, we learn that losing teeth can significantly affect multiple aspects of people’s life, including health and self-esteem. Daily activities such as chewing, speaking, and smiling become difficult. These issues can combine to frustrate and discourage a person from taking proactive steps in their life, from avoiding job interviews or being hired, to withdrawing from their supporting community. Additionally, gingivitis, tooth decay, and poor nutrition leads to lifelong health challenges and much greater costs to the community in ER visits.

When individuals begin the process of obtaining dentures, they often tell us that one of the main goals they have is to smile again. Along with that smile comes renewed self-esteem and self-worth. Once an individual gets their confidence back and they feel better about themselves, they’re more likely to start tackling other goals. Nothing beats seeing an individual’s face light up after they receive their dentures and saying joyfully: “I look amazing and feel amazing!”

The individuals that come to Project Homeless Connect frequently face many barriers in their lives that prevent them from obtaining the care they need to move forward. We remove those barriers and help individuals experiencing economic hardship and homelessness to succeed. Sometimes something as simple as hygiene products, haircut, socks or even just a cup of coffee, do so much to restore a little of the dignity that everyone deserves and boost the confidence to engage the world. Most people might not think of their teeth often, but as our participants left that day, they were all smiles.

This funding will allow us to continue hosting our Dental Program for 2018 - Additionally, Simply the Basics will be able to provide necessary dental & hygiene products such as toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash, toothpaste, and more. Through Simply the Basics, these services will reach beyond PHC Participants, by providing proper care and access to their 35 Partner Organizations in the Bay Area, thousands of people will be reached.

Strategic Alliance Leads to a Greater Impact

Project Homeless Connect and Simply the Basics have formed a Strategic Alliance to better serve the community by sharing administrative costs and improving donor impact. By working together, they are each able to undo duplicate services, prioritize the programs that one another does best, and reach thousands more people. For every dollar donated, $0.92 will go directly toward program costs, as opposed to the nonprofit average of $0.63. Your contribution has a greater impact when we work together!

The first $15,000 will be 100% matched by - every donation made is doubled in value!

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