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Help us purchase a van, so that we can bring PHC's services across San Francisco!

About this Campaign

The Project Homeless Connect CareVan is an innovative solution: an on-the-go service unit, scheduled to hit the streets of San Francisco in early 2017.


We are expanding the CareVan campaign to a $40,000 goal. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! The additional $10,000 in funding will purchase laptops, tents, tables, and an electrical generator. Let's get PHC on wheels!

Glasses, cell phones, California State IDs, clothing, hygiene items: the PHC CareVan will transport all of these services across the city to wherever they are needed.

Each night, over 7,500 of our neighbors experience homelessness in San Francisco. They are desperately in need of care, and often face serious barriers to life-saving help, including long wait times, complicated application procedures, and physical disability.

Imagine that you are living on the streets of San Francisco. You're constantly anxious that you may be attacked or robbed, and you might also have PTSD due to past trauma or another untreated health condition. The people who pass by you on the street avoid making eye contact, and sometimes say rude things about how you smell. Because of chronic pain, it's hard for you to walk around much.

Now imagine a big red van pulling up nearby. Friendly staff offer you a warm cup of coffee, and a small kit with soap and deodorant. Together, you fill out paperwork for a new cell phone and a California State ID, which you can use to register for shelter housing. After they leave, you use the phone to call your grandchildren, and ask your doctor for a medication refill. Suddenly, things are looking quite a bit brighter.

PHC's revolutionary model is based on engagement - a hot cup of coffee, a smile, and some basic resources - to keep our participants safe and healthy so that even our most vulnerable neighbors have the care they need to move forward. In the last year, we have taken basic services to shelters and churches across the city, often in partnership with other nonprofits.

We travel to meet participants where they are, and show that they are not alone. The community is looking out for them.

Your donation will go directly toward the costs of buying, building, and driving a new van. Today, you have the chance to make a difference in San Francisco by bringing help to your neighbors, wherever they may be. Thank you for putting PHC on wheels!

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PHC CareVan - Phase 2
July 11, 2016 at 5:31 PM

Announcing Phase 2 of the CareVan campaign

Thanks to you, the first phase of the PHC CareVan campaign is funded! We are now moving into Phase 2 with a stretch goal of $40,000. This funding will purchase critical supplies, including laptops, tables, tents, and an electric generator, and will help us reach the full CareVan project goal of $160,000.

Will you take a few minutes to share the CareVan campaign on social media, or with your friends over email? Thank you again for putting the CareVan on wheels, we couldn't do this without you.

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A $20 donation will buy hygiene items (soap, socks, and shampoo) and improved dignity.

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A $50 gift buys hot coffee and supplies, a key part of PHC's engagement strategy.

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A $100 donation feeds hungry San Franciscans with lunch and snacks.

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A $250 donation will cover fuel for one month of service.

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A $1,000 donation purchases a generator to put electricity on our brand-new service van!

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Any donation, however large or small, will make a difference in someone's life today.

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