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Help CSSWC Remodel the Computer Lab for Behavioral Health Group Therapy Sessions

About this Campaign

The goal of this campaign is to convert the current computer lab into an open room meeting space. We run multiple programs and services and all of these services offer counseling as one-on-one or group sessions. Many therapy sessions for groups have an average of 30- 45 people. The current meeting space in the computer lab is not adequate to hold the large groups. Therefore, CSSWC would like to construct a larger meeting space for all the division’s counseling sessions.

Since opening its doors in 1946, Community Social Services of Wayne County (formally Catholic Social Services of Wayne County) has helped meet the needs of thousands through its social services including: Child Welfare, Behavioral Health and Community Services Division, Education and Literacy Program, and Senior/ Volunteer Services. The Behavioral Health & Community Services Division at CSSWC provides several prevention and intervention services for individuals in the Metro Detroit area.

This initiative offers a variety of basic services to parolees and probationers who are being released from prison. Services include:

  • Didactic group sessions conducted in the prisons
  • Follow up counseling for both individual and family Information
  • Referral Network

These programs focus on outpatient care for adult alcoholics, substance abusers and their families. Services comprise of:

  • Counseling through group and family formats
  • Direct support and skill training for individuals and groups
  • Case Management designed to assist with accessing community resources
  • Group Counseling for individuals with similar types of problems

Treatment for Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse Comprehensive services are presented to perpetrators involved in sexual abuse, incest, domestic violence and Internet crime. Services include:

  • Diagnostic Assessment and Treatment Plan
  • Therapist assist clients in developing a relapse prevention plan
  • Psychiatric and psychological consultation
  • Monthly reports provided to probation or parole agents

CSSWC’s Worthy Able and Ready (W.A.R) program helps ease the transition of returning citizens age 18 and older re-entering into society from prison. You must be on probation or parole to receive assistance. The program assists citizens to:

  • Secure employment
  • Housing
  • Obtain proper identification such as Social Security Cards and birth certificates
  • Provides counseling services for those in need

To turn the current computer lab into an adequate meeting space for multiple groups the remodeling would include:

  • Furnish and install an insulated metal stud and gypsum board wall approximately 35’ long by 10’ high, inclusive of all finishing, painting, and a 32” hollow metal frame door and lever hardware set with no closer.
  • Furnish and install two 4’ x 8’ lens for existing lay in light fixture and exterior window covering
  • Strip and wax existing VCT flooring, approximately 700 square feet
  • Paint existing walls two colors
  • Purchase 4 tables and 50 chairs from Staples

Renovation estimate:

  • $11,200.00 for renovations
  • $1,700 for chairs
  • $1,256 for tables/desks


Here is what the current meeting spaces look like:

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