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Transportation can be a huge barrier to escaping homelessness

About this Campaign

In Michigan, the lack of mass public transportation is a major obstacle to people experiencing homelessness and poverty. Inadequate transportation can not only be a barrier to securing and maintaining housing and employment, but it can also contribute to feelings of isolation and depression. SOS offers various transportation solutions to help people maintain their independence, connect to their community, and increase their self-sufficiency.

• $5 One round trip bus ticket

• $30 A week's worth of gas

• $66 A monthly bus pass

• $100 Assistance with a car repair

Once we reach our goal, South Oakland Shelter will distribute the funds to people like the ones you see below.

Linnon recently met his goal of securing a monthly bus pass,

“ I was able to get my grocery shopping done this week. I was also able to get to my weekly doctors appointments. Thank you so much for your help! - Linnon”

Sarah, met multiple goals to assist her in maintaining her vehicle and keeping it safe so she can maintain her independence and attend to critical medical appointments.

Thank you very much for helping me cover the costs of my car registration and insurance. I am so excited to start driving again and get to work with a more dependable form of transportation."- Sarah

Aubri, met her goal of a new vehicle that she desperately needed in order to achieve stability for she and her son.

I'm working hard each day to give Aiden the life he deserves. When people go out of their way to help us, it keeps me going, and gives me a chance to help someone else too! Your donation goes a lot further than you think!" -Aubri
Help South Oakland Shelter raise $5,000 to support the transportation needs of people experiencing and recovering from homelessness in Metro Detroit!

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April 6, 2017 at 2:36 PM

Fivee South Oakland Shelter (SOS) clients have been accepted into an employment training program! All of these clients are house and are looking for employment to increase their income and help them maintain their housing long-term. Thank you for your continued support of SOS and our clients! Together, we are reducing barriers and increasing stability for people in need!

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A $5 donation could cover one round trip bus ticket

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A $30 donation could cover a week's worth of gas

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A $60 donation could cover a monthly bus pass

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A $100 donation could cover assistance with a car repair

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