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About this Campaign

The Trans Spiritual Care Initiative (TSCI) is a LGBT Chaplain led project to develop a curriculum for Chaplains and Spiritual Care providers across the nation to teach better care for Trans and Gender Variant People. We need your support to develop this curriculum and spread these resources to Chaplains, Clergy, and healthcare providers across the nation.

Improvement is Necessary

Did you know that in a recent survey of over 6,000 Transgender and gender variant people across the nation, over 19% of respondents reported being refused medical care due to their gender identity? 25% reported experiencing harassment in medical settings and 50% reported having to teach their medical providers about transgender care.

Fighting constantly for acceptance of your basic identity is exhausting, and in the hospital, healing takes every bit of our energy. In these trying times, we often turn to spiritual leaders, chaplains, and community to provide comfort, support, and understanding, and advocate for us when we need them.

When you are Trans, you are never sure how a chaplain, minister, or other spiritual leader is going to respond to you and be able to support you. When you are ill, you just don’t have the strength and energy to fight for yourself, argue about your very being and identity, and explain yourself incessantly. But with improved education of chaplains and spiritual care providers, these extra burdens on Trans people could be eased.

How Can You Help?

By donating, you can help us to support some of the most marginalized recipients of healthcare and effect change throughout the healthcare system through the TSCI.

Can you help support this campaign today? A donation of $100 will go a long way in supporting this important work!

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