I'm raising money for basic needs so I can afford food for the holiday season while I focus on my schooling.

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Why I'm using HandUp for my basic needs.

I am currently in need of food and other basic needs to get me through the holiday season. Any support you can offer or give me would be so very helpful!

About me.

I relocated to San Francisco from San Mateo County to attend a Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program. Prior to that, I was working at a local coffee shop for two years as a manager and had a relapse. This led me to San Francisco to get help and get clean. After maintaining a year clean, I am currently enrolled in an Alcohol and Drug Certificate program to be a drug counselor at CCSF with a passion to help people who have been in my shoes. This is my first time in school since I was 17 years old, and I am now 34. I feel like school is the one thing I have been missing. I am completely focused on my education and willing to go to any length to help others and get the degrees I need to make my dreams possible.

My backstory.

Having experienced a 16-year period of addiction to alcohol and drugs, I experienced this due to living in an unhealthy environment at home with a single mom and not having the best coping skills. For a long period of time in my life, I didn't give myself a chance and felt insecure. Since moving to San Francisco and working with two therapists and now going to school full time, as well as meeting my program requirements, I am homeless in a temporary housing situation with my rehab program. I am working hard to develop coping skills, meeting with my therapist regularly, and maintaining healthy self-care habits including exercising, eating healthy and changing my lifestyle. My current challenges are trying to obtain basic needs and items while not being overwhelmed by stress. Being able to provide for myself is really hard as a full time student and in a program that doesn't provide those basic needs. Having assistance with these basic needs including buying healthy food for myself and hygiene items, it would be an immense amount of help to me.

My goals, moving forward.

Goals I am moving forward with will include finishing my certificate program and AA degree at CCSF while maintaining abstinence from drugs and alcohol. I am working on building a new life for myself with healthy habits and healthy lifestyle choices. After my degree at CCSF, my goal is to transfer to the Social Work Program at SF State.

Other things I'd like to share about myself.

What makes me happiest is seeing others happy, being compassionate to others, being a supportive friend to others and maintaining authenticity. My proudest moments are completing my program and making it to a year clean. I have started college this late in my life and I am absolutely loving it. I am so grateful to have this space where I can learn and grow into the person I want to become in a supportive environment.

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